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Net Zero

  • Meet your personal AI Sustainability Advisor, guiding you on your net zero journey
  • Calculate emissions precisely and identify opportunities for reduction and optimization
  • Stay compliant with major international sustainability frameworks, such as SASB, GRI, CDP, and TCFD
  • Connect globally recognized and certified carbon offset projects, helping you achieve your net zero goals

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Carbon Management

Our platform streamlines your sustainability journey with ISO 14064 certified methods for accurate emissions data, effortless data collection across your organization, and actionable insights for emission reduction opportunities.

  • Trust our ISO 14064 Certified methods for precise carbon emission calculations.
  • Easily collect sustainability data from your entire organization.
  • Use valuable insights to discover emission reduction opportunities.

ESG Reporting

Simplify ESG data management and reporting with our user-friendly ESG reporting feature, aligning seamlessly with international frameworks.

  • Access global frameworks like SASB, GRI, CDP, and TCFD.
  • Collaborate effortlessly for informed sustainability decisions.
  • Ditch email chaos and spreadsheets.
  • Embrace a streamlined ESG reporting journey aligned with your sustainability goals.


Our Software is reviewed and validated by independent third parties.

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